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WOPS - Research: The ABC of process dynamics @ Work

The research of the Work and Organizational Psychology (WOPS) group focuses on affective, behavioral, and cognitive process dynamics at work. More specifically, we study how employees react to day-to-day occurrences at work, how these reactions manifest themselves over time, how they invite subsequent reactions, and how employees differ from each other regarding these processes. As such, the research of our group aims to unravel the processes that drive employees’ reactions.

This dynamic process approach is applied to a number of important substantive research topics. Central topics in the WOPS group are psychological contracts, motivation, performance, work-family interface, personality, political skills, talent management, organizational justice, and leadership. Moreover, we not only focus on traditional but also on specific, non-traditional work populations such as non-profit workers, volunteers, and high-potentials.


The research entity of Work & Organizational Psychology offers a broad range of consulting services to profit- and non-profit organizations, related to the field of Human Resource Management, Organizational Development and Behavior, and Personnel Psychology. 

In the past, external consulting has been provided on the following subjects:

  • Social audits
  • Analyses of work motivation
  • Individual career development/counseling
  • Performance appraisal systems
  • Training assessment

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