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About WOPS

Work- and Organisational Psychology

Work and Organizational Psychology studies the behavior of people when executing a job, in a variety of organization types. Work is surely more than earning money in itself. We approach our domain not only from an individual point of view, but also include social psychological insights.

Within this field of psychology, ‘human resource management’ receives major emphasis in our education program from a scientific as well as from a practical point of view, based on insights from work, personnel and organizational psychology, but also from ergonomics, and taking account of health issues.

Teamwork, dealing with conflicts, organizational culture and change, leadership and political organizational behavior are but a few of the various topics being dealt with. But also how one chooses the most fitting employees, trains and develops them, motivates and rewards them, are all investigated, besides current societal issues such as mobbing at work, emotional labor, work in non-profit organizations, managerial career development, etc.

The WOPS team

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